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INnovations and TEchnoLogy in Emergency Care (INTELEC)

INTELEC Challenge EMAS 2023 Submission Guidelines

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2023

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Emergency medicine is full of creative and innovative people who aspire to innovate and improvise care in the evolving, dynamic healthcare environment. This is the second time EMAS in coordination with CEP will be organising an innovation challenge in emergency medicine to recognize creative and innovative members of the emergency fraternity. Themes of innovation include novel or improvised services that improve clinical flow, products or hacks (inventions) that give impact to the delivery and quality of care, as well as initiatives to improve patient experience, staff education and wellbeing in the ED.



  1. To create a platform that will spotlight talented innovators and their innovations in emergency
  2. medicine.
  3. To highlight measures and interventions that give positive impact in emergency medicine.
  4. To cultivate creative and innovative mindset in emergency medicine.
  5. To promote interdepartmental and interagency collaborations.
  6. To create pathways for research, publication, copyrights and patents



  1. Submit a short written abstract and a video description of your innovation.
  2. All entries must be submitted via the online submission system on the conference website on or before 11.59 pm 31st July 2023.
  3. The written abstract should be submitted in English in no more than 350 words (not including title, authors and affiliations).
  4. The video presentation format is up to creativity, but not more than 5 min explaining regarding innovation.



  1. Each group must be led by an emergency physician and comprises of maximum 5 members in total.
  2. The innovation must be applied in practice and not only theoretical.
  3. Eight finalists will be selected to present before the expert panel during the EMAS conference.
  4. Finalists will present their innovation in special session during EMAS.
  5. The winner will receive:
    1. Prize money RM1500, 1000 and 500 respectively
    2. Trophy
    3. and awarded the title of INTELEC Innovator of the Year
  6. Entry must be an original work from the participant(s)
  7. Only one entry is allowed for each participant.
  8. The entry must not violate third party intellectual property rights, contractual obligations, or local law.
  9. All entries should address the followings:
    1. The clinical problem or need the innovation tries to address.
    2. The concept of innovation and how it works.
    3. Feasibility and usability for clinical application.
    4. Scalability and sustainability



  1. Must include the complete first name, family name, title, affiliated institution, country, and email address of every participant. One participant should be designated as the presenter of the entry.
  2. The abstract must be structured as follows:
    1. clinical problem or need for innovation.
    2. the concept of innovation and how it works.
    3. feasibility and usability for clinical application.
    4. scalability and sustainability
  3. You can upload a video not longer than 5 minutes with the abstract to illustrate your innovation. During submission, only one table and one figure are allowed per each entry (more tables and figures are allowed after acceptance during oral presentation).
  4. For all abbreviations used, spell the name in full when they are first mentioned, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis.
  5. Participants must specify any relationship (employment, consulting, fees, conference fees, classes, courses, commercial shares or copyright) they may have with any organization with direct or indirect financial interest on the topic or the materials dealt within the presentation. If there were a conflict of interest, authors must declare during submission.
  6. The submission should be carefully proof-red by the participants. Individual participants are responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied, as accepted abstracts will be printed or showcased in the conference publication materials. Once the abstract is submitted, no changes are allowed.
  7. Acceptance notification will be sent to the submitting author with further instructions.
  8. Failure to comply with these requirements will exclude the entry from consideration.
  9. Judges’ decisions are final and are not subject to review



  • Novelty
  • Clinical applications - feasibility and usability for clinical use
  • Clinical impacts - scalability and sustainability
  • Presentation
  • Impact to efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Replicability
  • Collaborative Effort

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